Undergraduate Non-degree Tuition

Students are responsible for all their expenses, including but not limited to tuition, fees, UConn health insurance, housing and meal plans while they study at UConn. Costs of attendance can be found on the Bursar's website (under Non-Degree Tuition & Fees, Undergraduate). The costs for the one year of non-degree undergraduate study at UConn will be based on the number and type of credits (minimum of 12 credits) and other applicable fees. If students take graduate level courses during this year, fees will be adjusted accordingly (scroll down on the link to view cost of Non-Degree Tuition & Fees, Graduate). There is no financial aid available for undergraduate non-degree students.


This is a customized program for undergraduate students in STEM fields who will be completing a pre-identified 3+ or 2+ program at UConn and are continuing in the fall semester at either UConn or another university. Curriculum is designed for intermediate to advanced level learners who are preparing to enter an academic program.

The IEP curriculum emphasizes development of language learning strategies and self-directed learning. Innovative courses incorporate experiential, problem-based and project-based learning as well as in-class interaction with native English speakers. Learn more about the program here.