Homestay Participant FAQ

Homestay Participant Frequently Asked Questions

Homestay is an opportunity for you to experience weekend life with a local family. It spans from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon/evening.

The homestay weekend allows participants to experience life outside of UConn with a wide variety of different types of families host, including:

  • Hosts with children or without children
  • One-parent or two-parent families
  • One person households or multiple people in the household
  • Working hosts or retired hosts
  • Host with pets or without pets

Because we have many different types of families volunteer for homestay weekend, you will have the opportunity to share your own homestay experience with the rest of the group and learn from the experience of others.

Your host will pick you up on campus on Friday evening and bring you back to UConn on Sunday afternoon.

No, our host families volunteer to open up their homes without being paid.

You should pack just enough for two days. We encourage you to ask your host what their plans are for the weekend in order to pack accordingly.

In U.S. culture, you are not required to bring a gift to someone hosting you. However, if you choose to bring a gift for your host family, they will be appreciative of the kind gesture.

The host will determine your schedule. Participants will have different experiences based on plans of their host family. We encourage you to communicate with your host family to ask about their weekend schedules.

Our host families generally live within a 90-minute radius of UConn. Some families live as close as 5 minutes from campus, while other families live in different states!

Before we assign you to your host families, we will ask if you are allergic to any pets or if you would feel uncomfortable being in a house with cats and/or dogs. We will do our best to place you with a family to accommodate your allergies or fears.

We will be giving you Per Diem money to cover the cost of meals for the homestay weekend, which can be used if you go out to dinner, go to the movies or go for ice cream. If you go out to dinner with your host, it is polite to offer to pay for yourself, but hosts may insist on paying. You will not be required to pay for meals prepared at home.

If you smoke, you can do so outside the house. Please ask your host family for a designated smoking area.

We encourage you to ask your host family any questions about the weekend, including questions like:

  • Should I take my shoes off when entering the house?
  • Can you show me how to turn on the shower?
  • What time will I have to be ready to leave in the morning?

Asking questions helps to avoid cultural misunderstanding between you and your host families. If you do not understand why they do something, please ask!

We notify our host families about the halal options in their area and it is their decision how they would like to accommodate you. Click here to find halal meat vendors in Connecticut: