SUSI Summer 2015 - Habibou Diaou:

Habibou Diaou Photo
Participant Name: Habibou Diaou
Project Location: Bamako, Mali
Program: Study of the U.S. Institute (SUSI) on Social Entrepreneurship
Term: Summer 2015
Project Title: MIDS
UConn GTDI Project Award: Application Accepted & Funding Awarded


Habibou’s passion is providing support, mentorship, and English language classes to internally displaced students so that they can successfully reintegrate into school life. He tutors students who have fallen behind so that they may catch up to their peers, while also working at improving their English fluency level to give them a better chance of obtaining a good job as an adult.

Organization Information: MIDS

Mentoring Internally Displaced Students (MIDS) works to provide after-school programs and English classes for students who have been forced to leave home. With the help of MIDS, students have the opportunity to catch up on classes they may have missed, while also providing mentoring and support to help young people reintegrate into student life and into society. Providing at-risk students with English classes can help to increase their chances of excelling in the school environment, but also provides them with valuable skills to increase their chances of finding good jobs as adults.